Skill Transfer


To Ethiopians, and foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin living in the Brazil

  • Do you feel that you have something to contribute to Ethiopia’s Endeavour for development?

  • Do you believe sharing your skill, knowledge, and experience could be of worth to enhance capacity in your home country?

  • Do you wish to give something back to your people?

  • Would you consider taking part in skill transfer scheme?

  • Would you be willing to spare some time (few hours –days/weeks) from your next vacation in Ethiopia?


If so, you might find the following interesting.

The Embassy of Ethiopia in Brazil proposes an initiative to match the desire of interested applicants with institutions which could benefit from the knowledge transfer arrangement.


Any interested professional, or anyone with transferable skill and experience, may take part in the procedure. All you need to do is fill the form below, and indicate your preferences.

The duration of the program may range from a one day seminar to a full semester course based on your wish and nature of the presentation.

You may plan any year ahead of time. We do the matching, follow it, and keep you updated!

Skill Transfer Application Form