• Embassy of Ethiopia

The Embassy celebrated Ethiopian 8th national Flag day colorfully

The Diplomats and local staff of the embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Brasilia celebrated the 8th national Flag Day in the embassy on (October19). 

At the event, H.E Ambassador Sinknesh Ejigu, on her speech to the audience said that, the National Flag day which is celebrated colorfully throughout Ethiopia and in all the diplomatic missions around the world today with the theme "Ethiopia, A country  working towards  raising  its flag  high by realizing its renaissance  through public  participation" is the day in which all of us have promised to realize the Ethiopian Renaissance in the Diplomatic arena. In addition to this the event glorified that the flag and the Great Ethiopian Renaissance dam are both the national prides of Ethiopia ,emphasizing that the Ethiopian flag is the symbol of our sustainable peace and  development to our nation .

Finally, the events was concluded by raising the flag of Ethiopia  with the Ethiopian national anthem. All the diplomats and local staffs lifted their flags up to renew their commitment and to work as a team for the realization of the Ethiopian Renaissance.