• Embassy of Ethiopia

Premier receives Sudanese PD Delegations

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn received the Sudanese Public Diplomacy Delegation at his offices today (April 14, 2016). On the occasion, the Premier dealt at length on the overall visit of the Sudanese public diplomacy team, the bilateral ties between the two countries, regional cooperation and the way forward. Prime Minister Hailemariam said, "The peoples of Sudan and Ethiopia are tied by blood" adding that "the two countries are related since the civilizations of Aksum and Meroe". He said, "Governments come and go but the strong relations between the two countries will remain flourishing".  He noted that Ethiopia and Sudan are enjoying enhanced bilateral relation more than ever. He also praised the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and President Omar Ahmed Al-Bashir for enhancing the friendship of the two countries to such a higher level. He said, "In a month time I met President Omar Al-Bashir three times, in Bahir Dar, Djibouti and Kampala; we agreed on one issue, which is to work together on full regional economic integration; we have started and continue working in areas of road infrastructure development, port, energy and commerce, widening the opportunities for a mutual growth of the two countries." The two countries believe in peace and prosperity of the region, the Prime Minister underlined. The Premier further said "The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is a monument of our ties and mutual benefit."

Omar Suleiman Adam, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Speaker of the Council of States and Head of the Sudanese Delegation, in his part praised the warm hospitality his delegation received in Ethiopia and thanked Prime Minister Hailemariam for giving the delegation the time to discuss. He briefed the Premier about the delegation's visit and noted that their stay in Ethiopia was remarkable and historic. He said his delegation witnessed "wide range of huge developments taking place in Ethiopia," which he said was the result of the strong commitment of the people and leaders of Ethiopia. On the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the Head of the Delegation said, "It's a Dam for mutual benefit; as its name indicates, the Dam will contribute for the growth of Ethiopia and regional countries." Noting that the people of Ethiopia and Sudan are interrelated by various accounts, the Head of the Delegation expressed his team's readiness to work together with its Ethiopian counterpart.