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PM Hailemariam leaves for Vienna, Austria

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn today left for Vienna, Austria to take part on UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) meetings.


The Premier will attend two events of the UNIDO, including the annual donor meeting scheduled for today, which will showcase recent success stories from UNIDO’s technical cooperation portfolio by sharing experiences.    

Both donor representatives and officials from beneficiary countries are expected to participate in the meeting.    

It will also highlight the link between UNIDO’s work and the vision of inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID), emphasizing the relevance of ISID as key driver for the successful integration of the economic, social and environmental dimensionsofsustainable development.    

The Prime Minister will also attend the two-day Forum on Partnerships to Scale up Investment for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID) to bekicked off tomorrow.    

Gain momentum and a better understanding of UNIDO’s partnership-based approach in order to define working models of cooperation between governments, stakeholders and UNIDO that will promote investment in ISID in line with the post-2015 sustainable development goals is the major outcome of the forum.    

In light of UNIDO’s new mandate to promote inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID), which was adopted in December 2013 in Lima, UNIDO is organizing two ISID Forums in 2014.    

The first one, held in June, engaged member states in a dialogue to formulate strategies and policies that promote inclusive and sustainable industrial development.    

The key outcomes of the first Forum serve as the foundation for the second Forum, which will extend the impact and outreach of ISID goals by strengthening the partnership dialogue between UNIDO, recipient governments and stakeholders in order to scale up investment for inclusive and sustainable industrial development in developing countries.