• Embassy of Ethiopia

Netanyahu addresses the Ethiopian parliament

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has addressed the Ethiopian parliament on July 07, 2016.  In his opening remarks, Netanyahu said, "greetings from Jerusalem, the city I grew up in and where King Solomon met the Queen of Sheba." Ethiopia, Prime Minister Netanyahu said has a place in the heart of Israel and so is Israel in the heart of Ethiopia. He said, "The two countries have enjoyed old relations," and in honor of such historic relations, he added, "a street in the center of Jerusalem is named after Ethiopia." Noting that Ethiopia is on the rise, Netanyahu stressed that his country is ready to work with Ethiopia and the rest of Africa. The Prime Minister also said his country is keen to cooperate with Ethiopia in a bid to equip Ethiopian farmers with necessary technology. As security remains to be a concern for both countries, Prime Minister Netanyahu said Ethiopia and Israel should work together to fight terrorism. He said, "You in Ethiopia, you fought for your freedom for millennia. We respect you, we admire you. You resisted foreign rule and lived as a free independent homeland. We too live as a free independent homeland."

Earlier this morning, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held bilateral talks with Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn at the National Palace. And later today, he also met with Dr. Mulatu Teshome, President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.