• Embassy of Ethiopia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia ranks 3rd in digital Diplomacy

Turkish based research center for Digital Diplomacy, "Digital Research Seminar 2015", placed Ethiopia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs the 3rd ranking country in Africa and 76th in the world from 210 countries in using the internet and the social media. Digital Research Seminar applied many criteria to do the ranking; among them are, presence and number of platforms, continuous updating, engagement and influence and "diplomacy 4.0". The report disclosed that innovations in the digital world posed a challenge to the traditional in-person diplomacy and hence the need for expanding the horizon of diplomacy in this regard became inevitably important. Innovative digital technology is helping countries spread information and influence public of other countries in a better way than any time in history.

Understanding this new global digital reality, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, had been endeavoring for the past three years to make use of digital tech to promote the huge potentialities of the country in investment, trade and tourism, in image building, in being a driving force behind the ever increasing involvement of the diaspora, etc. The Ministry had earned this new prestige after its active and productive engagement in 11 accounts it continues to use via face book, twitter, YouTube, blog and Pinterest apart from a very vibrant web-site.