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Ministry Invites Investors to Complete RFI for 13 Sugar Projects

Ministry of Finance and Sugar Corporation have invited all interested parties which want to purchase the 13 sugar projects in the country to complete the Request for Information (RFI) that will be made available effective Monday, April 15, 2019.

Both local and foreign investors can submit the completed forms before the deadline set to be May 24, 2019.

Finance State Minister Eyob Tekalegn said that the RFI has 15 questions but the questions are a starting point and should not restrict interested parties to include information and strategies that may be beneficial and pertinent to the privatization process.

The request allows potential investors to submit their general expression of interest in the industry and it provides a generic platform for investors to forward their interest in terms of investment moralities and structure among others, he added.

“Once the deadline has reached, the government will decide on the actual modalities. So, we encourage those investors who have been showing interest to come forward with their information and clearly express their interest,” Eyob pointed out.

The pre-privatization process is targeted to fully or partially privatize the sugar corporation assets in the form of 13 sugar projects that are currently either fully completed and in production or green field projects, it was indicated.

RFI is a formal process for gathering information from potential suppliers of a good or service. It is typically the first and most broadly cast of a series of requests intended to narrow down a list of candidates.

Source: ENA