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Ethiopian Public Diplomacy delegation in Cairo

The Ethiopian public diplomacy team which went to Cairo on Monday (December 18, 2014) met with Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahleb , Grand Sheik of Al Azahar , Dr. Ahmed Al Tayeb, the Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar, Dr. Ahmed Al Tayeb and Pope Tawadros II ,Pope of Coptic Church of Egypt. Ethiopian public diplomacy delegation first met Egyptian Prime Minister Eng. Ibrahim Mahleab in Cairo on Monday (December 15, 2014).

On the occasion, Speaker of the House of People's Representatives, Honorable Abadula Gemeda said, "Ethiopia and Egypt have very long standing historical, religious, cultural and social relations.” Honorable Abadula explained that Ethiopia believes in fair and equitable usage of Nile waters and underlined the building of the GERD has a sole objective of eradicating poverty. He assured Prime Minister Mahleb that Ethiopia’s GERD will not cause appreciable harm to any of the downstream countries. Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahleab welcomed the Ethiopian public diplomacy team on behalf of the government and people of Egypt. He stressed the point that Ethiopia and Egypt need to foster cooperation in areas including education, trade, tourism and investment. He said the cooperation between the two countries needs to go beyond the Nile to strengthen the bilateral ties in all areas. He stressed that it is time to enhance and boost South-South cooperation generally and Ethiopia and Egypt particularly to the benefit of the peoples of both nations. The Prime Minister underlined that the ties of Ethiopia and Egypt should be based on mutual benefit and trust.

Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Delegation member Honorable Med. World Lauret Dr. Tibebe Yemaneberhan expressed that Ethiopia and Egypt relations should be strengthened more through people to people relations. Mrs Mulu Solomon also expressed that Ethiopia and Egypt should strive to work and develop their peoples together. On the second day of the visit, the Ethiopian team met with Grand Sheik of Al Azahar , Dr. Ahmed Al Tayeb. On the occasion, Dr. Ahmed Al Tayeb noted the special place of Ethiopia in the history of Islam. He said “Ethiopia is the first country that gave refuge to early Muslims saving them from persecution.” Highlighting the long, historical, cultural and deep religious ties of the two people, he said “Egyptians are certain that Ethiopians are not the people who take happiness from suffering of Egyptians.” While visiting Pope Tawadros, Speaker Abadula, said the Ethiopia Public Diplomacy Team brought a message of love, cooperation from Ethiopians to the Egyptian brothers and sisters. He said “Ethiopia’s sole objective of building the GERD has no other objective other than eradicating poverty. Pope Tawadros II said “Ethiopia’s projects will not harm Egypt as we are one family “