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Ethiopia to Begin 4th Round Negotiations to Join WTO

The National Technical Committee formed to realize Ethiopia’s membership to the World Trade Organization (WTO) will start fourth round negotiations, according to the Chief Negotiator.

The newly formed ten-member technical committee has been making preparations for the negotiations.

Ethiopia started the accession process to WTO 15 years ago. Though the country conducted three round negotiations in the past, it was unable to join the organization.

Policy Reform Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister, Chairperson and Chief Negotiator of the national committee, Mamo Meheretu said various documents are prepared to begin the process again.

According to him, being a member will have significant contribution to job creation, export and industry.

For this reason negotiations will begin based on the necessary documents prepared for the fourth round negotiation, Mamo added.

Among the documents is the revised tax ceiling on import goods to be discussed and approved, according to ENA.

The Chief Negotiator pointed out that the committee will also discuss separately service sectors which are going to be opened for competition.

He stated that the responses given to questions raised previously by WTO member countries will be examined closely.

Mamo further stressed that the fourth round of negotiation will be held in a manner that respects the rights and interests of Ethiopia.