• Embassy of Ethiopia

Ethiopia Showcase at the 13th Embassies’ Fair

On the 13th Embassies’ Fair, which happened on November 10, 2018, visitors from all over Brazil’s Capital City where able to get to know more about the Ethiopian Culture. Focused on tourism, culture and cuisine, the stand of Ethiopia exhibited textile and art works and representatives of the Embassy distributed to the audience books and documentaries with basic information about the destination.

At the food court, visitors could taste Dorowat, a traditional stew made with chicken and hot sauce, with Injera, the most traditional Ethiopian bread that is base for their cuisine. Besides that, visitors also witnessed a representation of the coffee ceremony and taste the coffe that came from the land of origins.

The Embassies’ Fair is an event organized by the GCCM, the Group of spouses of head of missions, with the participation of more than a hundred countries and an estimated visitation of 50 thousand people.