• Embassy of Ethiopia

Ethiopia seeks cooperation in the Brazilian floriculture market

Ethiopian embassy in Brazil conducted a two days work visit (February 20-21) in the state of Sao Paulo, which represents 90% of the national floriculture products market in Brazil.The visit which is aimed at promoting the foreign trade of Ethiopia in the floriculture sector started with Ceasa Campinas, the largest permanent market of flowers and ornamental plants in Latin America in the city of Campinas, followed by Elite Flowers, Holambelo and Cooperflora located in Holambra, Southeast of Brazil.

In their visit to the largest producer of flowers and ornamental plants in Latin America, the embassy staffs met with administrative representatives of the companies and discussed the floriculture export of Ethiopia and its market potential in Brazil. The company representatives have been briefed about the favorable agro-climatic conditions of Ethiopia, competitive products, low production cost and Ethiopian airlines state of the art cargo facilities which is specialized in handling horticulture products among others.

The companies in turn expressed their keen interest to learn more about the floriculture industry of Ethiopia and to consider the country as a potential trade partner in the floriculture market of Brazil.