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Ethiopia prioritizes equitable use of Nile waters

The Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Alemayehu Tegenu, addressing a two day symposium at Bishoftu, which concluded on Tuesday (July 22) said that Ethiopia was in a better position to sustainably and equitably utilize the Nile because of the scientific knowledge and research provided by the country’s scholars. The symposium heard various research papers intended to increase understanding of the Nile hydrology and geology, and various soil and water conservation issues. Dr Seifu Kebede from Addis Ababa University noted that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam would provide an enormous saving of water, benefiting both Sudan and Egypt. Dr Elias Lemi, who presented a study on dam safety looking at integrated geophysics and geodetic approaches, noted that the area in which the Dam is being built not prone to earthquakes. The symposium also heard that the placing of Roller Compact Concrete is currently taking place and that a million cubic meters of RCC has now been put in place.