• Embassy of Ethiopia

Ethiopia participated at the 11th International Embassies Fair

The Embassy of Ethiopia in Brasilia participated at the 11th International Embassies Fair which took place in the  Mané Garincha  International Stadium (Brasilia) on November 28,2015 .

The   objective of this fair  was to collect funds for many social projects, among them the ones in human rights, infrastructure and many day care facilities. In addition to this charity  the event  brought all embassies together and all the embassies in Brasilia used this opportunity  to promote their respective countries.

Regarding for the charity, the Embassy of Ethiopia has put into sale beautiful traditional handmade Ethiopian scarves, as well as the traditional Ethiopian coffee that, besides being  tasteful, was served in a ceremony that transformed the act of drinking coffee into a sensorial experience to promote the country.

The Embassy has taken this opportunity also to promote Ethiopia   in its two Booths.  One of the Booth  used as display of historical, cultural, religious and adventure  of destination  of the country to the visitors , explaining and bringing basic information to any interested groups in getting connected to this extraordinary country. The Second one is used to demonstrate and offer visitors the tasting Ethiopian traditional coffee with an excellent ceremony and explaining Ethiopia is the  origin of coffee.