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Ethiopia has gains historic victories through diplomacy

Addis Ababa August 11/2015 Ethiopia’s foreign diplomacy is the reason for the ‘historic” victories gained in several areas, an official said.

The just concluded Ethiopian fiscal year (2007) is a good year, since the country became victorious in many areas, Foreign Afairs Minister Tedros Adhanom said. While addressing Ethiopian Ambassadors gathered in Addis Ababa to evaluate their yearlong performance, the Minister said the results gained this year are “historic”.

The signing of the tripartite agreement, Declaration of Principles, with Egypt and Sudan; economic integration with Djibouti, Juba land’s and Somalia are among the victories. The visit by U.S. President Barack Obama, the first sitting president to visit Ethiopia, is also a major victory gained through the diplomacy.

His visit was historic and displayed the success of Ethiopia’s activities in various areas, he said. The declaration of principles agreement is significant in ensuring the mutual utilization of River Nile.

Though, Ethiopia and Djibouti have strong and age-long bilateral relationship, it is important to forward the relationship a head.

The agreement is significant in this regard to further consolidate economic ties. Ethiopia's public diplomacy mission deployed to Egypt and Sudan brought tangible results in strengthening people to people relations and building trust, he said.

Ethiopia’s effective foreign diplomacy has also helped for save return of Ethiopians from conflict areas, such as Libya, Yemen and South Africa.