• Embassy of Ethiopia

Ethiopia colorfully celebrates its National Day

Ethiopian embassy in Brasilia has colorfully celebrated the 26th anniversary of Ethiopian national day , Ginbot 20. On the occasion H.E. Ambassador Sinkinesh Ejigu mentioned that the day marks the beginning of a new era of peace, development and democracy to the country. She also underscored that the victories of the day that led the country to a fast track economic growth and helped to  establish a mechanism to solve its challenges by engaging its people through participation and assurance of their benefits from the fruits of the economic transformation.

The Ambassador applauded the country’s effort in securing peace and stability in the horn of Africa region and its participation in different regional and international organizations. The ambassadors used the opportunity to extend the country`s gratitude to our African brothers and sisters, the host country Brazil and to all the countries that stood by Ethiopia’s side for the Election of  Doctor Tedors Adhanom As the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO).

On the occasion the guest of honor H.E. Ambassador Fernando Abreu undersecretary for Africa and Middle East from Brazil ministry of foreign relations in his speech at the occasion congratulated the people and Government of Ethiopia for the national day and affirmed the commitment of the Brazilian side to closely work with Ethiopia.

Several Ambassadors, Brazilian government representatives and other dignitaries were in attendance at the celebration.