• Embassy of Ethiopia

Amb. Taye Atsekeselasie briefs the diplomatic community on the upcoming 26th African Union Summit

State minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Taye Atskeselassie addressed the diplomatic community on the issues of the upcoming 26th African Union Summit, the US-Africa Business Forum and the recent incidents which happened in some parts of Oromia region and in northern Amhara regional state on Wednesday (December 30), in Addis Ababa. Pertaining to the African Union Summit, Ambassador Taye noted that 22 Ethiopian government agencies had come together to form various committees so that Ethiopia could effectively and efficiently uphold its responsibility. Apart from member countries, he confirmed that non-member states would participate in the Summit through their Presidents, Deputy Prime Ministers and Minsters of Foreign Affairs. Concerning the US-Africa business Forum, the State Minister noted that it is a big event organized by the Corporate Council on Africa. It is for the second time to be held in Africa and the First since the Meeting of US-African Head of States and Governments in Washington. He confirmed that Ethiopia is expecting to host over 1000 business personnel mainly from the major US flagship companies. Regarding the recent incidents happened in some parts of the country, Ambassador Taye reiterated that the Amhara and Qemant people were living together since biblical times. Qemant communities demanded for implementation of the decision constitutionally made accordingly by the House of Federation as per request of the community for a self-rule and which was then maliciously used by some anti-peace elements to fuel disagreements with the Amhara community of the surroundings.

On the vicious incidents happened in some parts of Oromia Regional State, the State Minister noted that at first the people had legitimate questions of their concern on the impact of the draft master plan, which it sets out clear objectives of the importance of an integrated development approach to benefit all, but still it remains a draft. In addition to this, the Oromia Regional Council recently endorsed a new proclamation to promote transparency and improve the efficiency of administration and to accelerate development in several towns, they seized on this to claim this was intended as the basis of implementing the Addis Ababa Master Plan and would involve the seizure of people’s farmland around the city. These was all Orchestrated by anti-peace elements, and they claimed that the Master Plan was designed to undermine peoples` self determination. Then some groups and non-peaceful elements both from home and abroad fomented the legitimate public demand into utter violence. Ambassador Taye further noted that peace and security did not come by mere deployment of security personnel, rather by bringing extraordinary public participation in collaboration with government and cultural institutions. That is why, the government is undertaking consecutive peace and development conferences, public forums and discussions at different grass root levels and currently the situation is at Normalcy. In both of the violent incidents, Ambassador Taye reiterated his government’s stance to bring those who seized the legitimate demand of the public into chaos.