Document Legalization/Authentication


Documents such as Adoption papers; Court decisions; Birth, Marriage, Divorce or Death Certificates; Trademarks, Founding documents of Non-governmental Organizations, Power of Attorney, etc that originate in Brazil or any other Latin American country have to be legalized by the Embassy of Ethiopia in Brazil before they are used in Ethiopia.

If applications are done by post, fee settlements should be done through the Embassy’s postal address with return postage paid by the applicant. Or the fee directly deposited in the Embassy account and the receipt sent with applicants' documents. If the necessary requirements are fulfilled, the service will be provided immediately. To download the form, click here.


Our Visa account 
Embaixada da Republica Democratica Federativa da Etiopia

Name of the Bank - Banco do Brasil

Bank code: 001

Agency - Agência: 1606-3

Account Number - Conta Corrente: 73-391-1 

SWIFT CODE (BRASILIA)-BRASBRRJBSA (only for those outside Brazil*)

IBAN CODE: 001160630000674761 

* If the applicants are from outside Brasilia they must deposit $20:00 dollar more for bank service charge.