Laissez - Passer


A Laissez-passer is an official travel document issued by the Ethiopian Embassy to Ethiopian citizens needing to travel to Ethiopia urgently, in the event that their passport or travel document has been lost or stolen.


Please note that this document can only be used once to go back to Ethiopia. This is a temporary document.


To apply for a Laissez-passer travel document, please read the following information carefully.


Download Application Form

Answers must be either typed or printed in the spaces provided on the form, using BLACK or BLUE ink only. Failure to answer ALL questions will result in the Embassy being unable to process your application.

  1. Submit the fee $50.00 (to be exchanged to Brazilian Reais based on the daily rate)

The following methods of payment are accepted:

  • Cash    

  • Depositing in the Embassy's account

  1. Attach FOUR recent 3*4 cm sized colour photographs, using a paper clip. Write your name on the reverse of the photographs.

  2. Submit your application form and fee with a letter detailing the reasons for your application.

  3. Applicants must produce documents that certify their citizenship. (Documents allowed are ID Cards, Birth Certificates, Driving License, etc.) Applications MUST be made in person as Applicants will be required to give fingerprints at the Embassy Applications must go to:     

The Consular Office, Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia,

QI SHIS 07,Conjunto 04 , casa 09.       

Provided you have submitted all the required documentation and the correct fee, the Consular Office can normally process your application within three working days from receipt of your completed form.

For further information, please call the Consular Section on  +55 (61)32 48 03 61

Application forms are available free of charge from the Embassy. You may use the electronic version available on this website, or the Embassy can post a copy to you, provided you send a pre-stamped and self-addressed envelope to: 

Embaixada da Etiópia

SHIS - QI 7, Conjunto 4, Casa 9 – Lago Sul

CEP 71615-240 Brasília - Distrito Federal - Brasil

We cannot accept completed forms submitted by email. If you are experiencing problems accessing the online form, please contact the Embassy by e-mail and we will send you a copy of the form.


Laissez - Passer Fee


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