Journalist Visa

If you are a journalist, filmmaker or professional photographer and wish to travel to Ethiopia to report on a given situation or story, you will require a journalist visa.
If you are unsure if you need this kind of visa, please contact the Embassy's
Public Diplomacy Department.

Please be aware that we can only take applications from citizens and residents of Latin American countries that our Embassy is accredited to (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Costa Rica). Proof of residence will be required for Non-citizens of the above-mentioned countries. If your team is multinational, you will need to apply separately through the Embassy where the team member is a resident.
We recommend that you submit your application to the Embassy at least 21 days in advance of your proposed trip to Ethiopia. Some applications, however, may take longer to process.
Visa issuance is not guaranteed. We, therefore, advise not to make final travel plans until you have received confirmation that your permit and visa has been approved.

Required Documents
You are required to submit the following documents by email to the Public Diplomacy Department at least 21 days in advance of your proposed trip to Ethiopia.

1. Formal application letter on headed paper and signed

  • The application letter, addressed to the “Public Diplomacy and Communications Department, Embassy of Ethiopia“, must be on headed paper and signed, detailing:

  • The purpose of the trip, proposed dates of travel, locations and some background information about the report or program;

  • Details of the traveling journalist(s)/crew (full name, passport number, nationality and role);

  • Background information about the media organization, production company or individual

2. Copy of passport for each person traveling

3. A list of all equipment being taken into Ethiopia, including serial numbers

4. Relevant supporting documents

  • For film crews, the letter should be accompanied by the title (working title) of the film, a script or synopsis, film locations and a statement of production costs

  • If you have been commissioned by a third party or a charity/NGO, you must also submit supporting letters from the company involved.

  • If you are working with any organization/company in Ethiopia, you must also submit a signed invitation letter from them.

  • If you are a freelance journalist, you are required to submit a resume of your work

5Aerial photography/filming

  • If you plan on taking films or photos from a plane or helicopter, permission must be sought in advance from the Civil Aviation Authority. You must state this in your application letter.

Additional supporting documents may be requested at the Embassy’s discretion.

Submitting your application to the Embassy

We recommend that you submit your application to the Embassy at least 21 days in advance of your proposed trip to Ethiopia.

Please submit the required documents by email to
Your documents will be reviewed, and if at this stage additional supporting documents are required, you will be notified.

Processing your application

Your application will be sent to the Government Communications Affairs Office and then on to the Main Department of Immigration and Nationality Affairs office for the visa approval. This process may take up to two weeks. Some applications, however, may take longer.

Visa Processing

Once your application has been approved by the Government Communications Affairs Office and the Main Department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs office, you may submit your application to the Embassy for visa processing.

You are required to submit the following documents to the Consular Section for your visa application:

1. A completed visa application form.

  • Download and complete the Visa Application Form Download Application Form for each person traveling to Ethiopia.

  • The form must be completed in BLOCK CAPITAL letters in either blue or black ink.

You must:

  • Complete the form to the best of your ability, answering all the required questions clearly. Your application may not be processed if you fail to provide all necessary information

  • Sign and date the form, where asked

  • Include your daytime telephone number and/or email address in case we need to contact you regarding your application.

2. Your Passport

  • Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months and must have at least two blank pages.
    Please note that we cannot issue a visa unless you submit your passport.

3. The original application documents submitted to the Public Diplomacy Department in support of your application.

4. A copy of the visa approval form from the Main Department of Immigration and Nationality Affairs office in Addis Ababa.

5. A photocopy of your passport.


6. The visa application fee.

7. One passport photograph.

  • One recent, passport-sized (45mm x 35mm) colour photograph. 

  • The photograph should be full face without sunglasses, hat or other head covering unless for ethnic or religious reasons.

  • The photo should be attached to the visa application form by a paper clip or another non-permanent means. DO NOT staple the photograph to the application form.

  • Please write your name on the back of the photograph in BLOCK CAPITAL letters.

  • Please note that we may not accept photographs that do not meet these specifications

8. Evidence of your status in Brazil. 

  • Residence permit for non-citizens, RNE (foreigner national registration)in case of Brazil and its equivalent in the other Latin American countries required; 

  • Bank statements and Drivers License cannot be accepted as proof of residency.

  • Applicants who are not normally resident in Latin America must apply to the Ethiopian Embassy accredited to their country or that which is closest to their place of legal residence.

Journalist Visa Fees





Visa processing times and return of passport

Visa applications made in person at the Embassy are processed within three working days. Some applications, however, may take longer.

We cannot guarantee visa issuance by a set date, neither can we post-date visas.

At the time you submit your application, you will be notified when to come and collect your passport. If you wish for your passport to be returned to you by post, you must submit a pre-paid, self-addressed stamped envelope at the time of your application. 

Collecting your permit 
Once your visa has been issued and you have traveled to Ethiopia, you are required to collect your media permit at the Government Communications Affairs Office (Media Licensing Department) before any filming or reporting can commence.

Each person traveling must submit two recent color passport photographs in support of the application.

Length of stay under journalist visas
If your application is successful, you will be issued with a single-entry visa valid for up to 30 days.

If you wish to stay in Ethiopia for a longer period than that which has been indicated in your visa, you are required to apply for an extension at the Main Department for Immigration Office in Addis Ababa.

Visa Validity

Please be aware that visas are valid from the date of issue and not the date of entry into Ethiopia. We, therefore, recommend submitting your visa application nearer to the time of travel. It is not possible to post-date visas. When applying for a visa, you must take into consideration:
•    The time it takes to process your visa application
•    The number of days in advance of your travel that you have applied


After your trip
After completing your trip, you will be expected to submit a copy of the report you have filed to the Public Diplomacy Department. This can be in the form of an article, film, photos, etc.