Ethiopian Passport



Applicants for new passports or replacement should observe the following procedures.


The Embassy advises all applicants to submit their request at least two months prior to their planned travel date or any other services that involve a valid passport.


Old manual type passports are no longer renewed, but replaced by the new type of passports. The fingerprint is needed for those who have not had an electronic passport (the new one) before.              

If applications are done by post, fee settlements should be done through the Embassy’s postal address with return postage paid by the applicant or directly deposited in the Embassy account and the receipt send with applicants' documents. If the applicants are from outside Brazil they must deposit $20.00 USD more for bank service charges.             

Embassy's address: SHIS - QI 7, Conjunto 4, Casa 9 – Lago Sul CEP 71615-240

Brasília - Distrito Federal - Brasil

Our Visa account:  Embaixada da Republica Democratica Federativa da Etiopia

Name of the Bank - Banco do Brasil

Bank code: 001

Agency - Agência: 1606-3

Account Number - Conta Corrente: 73-391-1 

SWIFT CODE (BRASILIA)-BRASBRRJBSA (only for those outside Brazil*)

IBAN CODE: 001160630000674761 

Download Application Form

Issuance of New Passport and Renewal of old Passport Fee