Mr.Fernando Neves

Honorary Consul of Ethiopia in Bahia.


- Lawyer working in the Tax and Customs areas for 30 years.

- Bachelor of Laws from UFBA (Federal University of Bahia), in 1990.

- PhD student in Legal Sciences at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina - PUC (Buenos Aires).

- Postgraduate in Tax Law from UFBA.

- Postgraduate in Customs Law from Cândido Mendes University.

- Postgraduate degree in Social Security Cost Law (Tax) from Universidade Gama Filho / ICEED.

- Post-graduated in Regulation of Public Services with emphasis on Taxation of Gas and

Oil by UFBA / FAPEX.

- Postgraduate in Legal Teaching Methodology at UFBA.

- Qualified in Security Management Systems in the Logistics Chain (SGSCL), as an Authorized

Economic Operator (OAS), certified by the Federal Revenue of Brazil.

- Pioneer lawyer in the execution of injunctions in the Customs area in Brazil, with more than

9 thousand lawsuits filed.

- President and founder of the OAB / BA Customs, Maritime and Port Law Commission.

-Consultant member of the Customs Law Commission of OAB / SP.

- President of IBAEX (Bahia Institute of Foreign Trade).

- Member of national and international associations, such as ABDF (Brazilian Association of Foreign Trade Executives), UIA (Union Internationale DES Avocats), IFA (International Fiscal Association).

- Former professor of Tax and Customs Law at UNIBAHIA.

- Legal Consultant of Sindaeb (Union of Customs Brokers of Bahia) and ADAB (Association of Customs Brokers of Brazil).

- Advisor to the Foreign Trade Committee of FIEB (Federation of Industries of the State of Bahia).

- Former vice president of the Strategic Logistics Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil - American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM / BA).

- Participating member of the implementation of the Brazil-Canada Project, promoted by the Association of Tax Planning and Financiere of Canada / APFF, referring to the item Civil Society participation in the relationship with the Tax Authorities.

Advocacy and consultancy in national and multinational companies, notably at the Camaçari Industrial Pole, since 1990.

“Best of Brazilian Advocacy” awards, in the Tax category (Brazilian Time / Vectra Brasil Pesquisa newspaper), and “Anita Garibaldi Trophy” (RS).

- Author of numerous legal opinions and articles published in local and national newspapers and magazines.



Phone number: +5571987285337